Non-Expert Review: Pandana Multiplex Headwear



Pandana neck gaiters are thin, stretchy tubes of wicking fabric with UV protection. That's it. Super simple, yet incredibly versatile. I wear mine mostly as a 3-season gaiter. The fabric is thin enough to breathe through, and they hardly ever get too hot. I also use it as a headband in summer and as a hat under my helmet in cooler weather. I've seen people use it to hold ponytails, and there's even a way to wear it as a balaclava. The Pandana website has a great image gallery along with a video tutorial about how to rock all the configurations.

I've been wearing the stretchy neck gaiters for several years, and one thing I like about the Pandana brand in particular is that it seems to fit my neck and face better than other brands. It has also held up really well to multiple washings and wearings without losing its elasticity. Other bands tend to stretch out quickly, but  several months into nearly daily wear, my Pandana still feels and looks like new.

The affordable quality and especially the Adventure Cycling logo make this ultimate accessory for all your outdoor adventures! 

MSRP: $16